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Elder Law

Estate Planning

If you die without a will (intestate) in Indiana, the law will determine who receives your property and who will handle your affairs after your death.  Our firm is experienced in the preparation of estate planning documents, including Wills, Revocable Trusts and Irrevocable Trusts so that your hard earned assets will be preserved and distributed to those whom you desire.  While each person has different estate planning needs, we do not hesitate to collaborate with your financial planners, account representatives and insurance specialists to insure that your specific goals are met.  In most circumstances, our attorneys firmly believe that estate planning involves avoiding an estate when you die.  Accordingly, our attorneys are experienced in estate/gift tax avoidance, special needs planning, asset protection and probate avoidance using such techniques as TOD transactions and Life Estates, as well as addressing needs for the ever increasing costs of long-term care.

Equally critical when addressing your estate planning needs is the preparation of documents for use during your lifetime, such as a Power of Attorney, Appointment of Health Care Representative and Living Will.  Even if you have attempted to prepare your own estate planning documents, an experienced attorney at our firm can insure that your documents comply with the many complexities and nuances involved in estate planning.  

Medicaid and Long Term Care Planning

We can help preserve assets in the event placement in a skilled nursing facility becomes necessary. Even without the benefit of advance planning, we can still help preserve your assets and help you avoid very costly mistakes. We advise you regarding the most appropriate long term living arrangements for your situation and utilize legal techniques and instruments which protect and preserve your assets.

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